Information about Hamburg

Information about Hamburg


Hamburg is located in Northern Germany alongside the Elbe-river's waterfront. The city has about 1.8 million inhabitants and is an important industrial center in Germany. Hamburg's port is a major international port - 132.2 million tons of goods were handeled here in 2011.

The City's international airport is a big connecting hub for international destinations – in 2011 13.6 million passengers began their journey here. Hamburg also is home to Airbus Industries. Airbus employs approx. 11,000 workers making Hamburg the third largest site of the aviation industry worldwide. Other mayor industries are found in Hamburg: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical- and petroleum industry.

Also, Hamburg has a lot to offer for tourists: approximately 4.7 million overnight guests in speak for themselves. Besides the citys beautiful architecture, countless parks and green spaces invite to talk a walk.

There are more than 60 museums and 60 theaters. Next to New York and London, Hamburg is the third largest „musical capital“ worldwide.